Transition to a low-carbon economy The social license to operate for mining and recycling of critical metals

A one-day symposium on the Social License to Operate with respect to critical metals. The paradox between the importance of critical metals for the transition to a low-carbon, cleantech-based economy on the one hand and the negative image of the primary mining industry on the other hand prompts us to as how the primary mining sector can clean up its act in and outside Europe. Is responsible mining a pipe dream? How can mining companies obtain and maintain a Social License to Operate? Which interaction is required between industry, policy makers, civil society and local communities? What is the relation between primary mining of critical metals and recycling of End-of-Life products? Which policies are required in Europe to support the recycling industry and how does this relate to the Circular Economy vision? Should we look at our industrial landfills in Europe to recover critical metals from previously dumped, critical metal-containing mining waste and industrial process residues?

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